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Environmental Management

Always committed to the safety of its customers , retailers, employees and partners , the Shopping Center Norte has developed a series of environmental management measures at its facilities to ensure the extraction of methane gas detected below the Enterprise level. The actions have been implemented without any injury or risk to the mall and its patrons . The action began with the entry into operation of 11 drains, integrated 10 vacuum machines in strategic areas of the Resort, to extract methane gas below the concrete floor , which occurred in early October .

The initiative was part inclusive of Conduct Adjustment Term ( TAC ) signed with the prosecution and Cetesb . Already on October 6 , the Shopping Center Norte was visited by municipal authorities , technical Cetesb and Green Registry and Environment to conduct a survey in all the works that were in progress , confirming the compliance with all safety regulations .

The North Shopping Center also conducts daily monitoring of methane found beneath its floor and in all its facilities (shops , bathrooms and common areas ) , to ensure the safety of the site. Also, they are being conducted complementary environmental studies of the area , according to the schedule presented to Cetesb .

It should also be noted that the Center Norte has a Monitoring Plan , a Risk Management Plan and an Emergency Action Plan with detailed measures to be adopted in case of detecting the presence of methane gas indoors , a situation that, the operation of the drains , is not expected. It is essential always to point out that , in 28 years of operation, there has never been any incident record associated with methane in the Enterprise or its surroundings .